Reading Is Fundamental…

As a responsible adult, I take my free time seriously simply because I don’t have much of it. I’m a gamer. I’m an avid TV watcher (certain geek sundry such as SHIELD, Supernatural, Flash, etc). Most of all, I am a voracious reader. I do read books that mostly consist horror to a good old fashioned thriller. However, I sate my reader’s need for humor, romance and steamy sex in fan fiction.

My obsession started back in college. One of my three part time jobs was working/closing the school library. During the wee hours when only the stragglers remained, I would surf the Net for spoilers on my favorite shows.

Most importantly, I had just discovered Xena before it really hit the mainstream.


The time slot was around 11 o’clock on some weird channel that doesn’t exist anymore. This show was at the top of my list. I stumbled across something else while looking for an episode guide, Xena fanfiction. My first thought was, “Interesting.” Curiosity got the better of me. After the first few lines, I lost myself. The title of the story was Heaven Down Here by Rebecca Hall.

My second thought was, “Now, this makes sense.” It did in more ways than one. I was hooked. I think a better word, as I said, was obsessed. What I could find, I printed and saved. I simply refused to let it go. I had discovered something new and I needed to know everything. The harder I looked the more I found. This was thankfully helped by Lunacy who compiled thoughtful reviews on the stories of the Xenaverse so all the rabid single minded fans could do one stop shopping. Despite the end of the show, the Xenaverse lives on, and it opened the door to new fandoms that also have with a gigantic amount of alternative/slash fic.

Star Trek Voyager and the phenomenon that is GL Dartt. Need I say more about that fandom?


In no particular order we have the Buffyverse, Law and Order SVU and the original, Babylon 5,  and Birds of Prey just to name a few.


It has all culminated in the past few years transforming to include video games and anime. Then, we have Warehouse 13. I literally cringe…cringe with this one because of the actual possibilities. HG and Myka. Sigh, and I will throw a couple of groans in there as well.


OUAT and Rizzles exist in a class all by themselves. It seems the harder the writers and producers work to solidify heterosexuality in these particular characters the more the fans push back in various ways including incredible fanfic. From OUAT, Heartsways is an example of a writer capable of some incredible work.


There are also Nikki and Nora, OITNB, Wentworth and other creations that are huge departure from the norm. We flock to them, glom on, and scream from the rooftops, “See? It’s okay. The world didn’t end because women kissed!”

Don’t get me wrong. I know there is some excellent lesbian fiction out there, but I also know that a portion of it comes from fanfiction. That, in itself, is telling. While I love a good book, starting a new fanfic from my favorite writer or discovering someone new is so much more exciting. I think it is because our favorite TV characters, with no disrespect to the original authors, are taken and often revamped into something richer and brought together in ways that make them stronger and more appealing to an overwhelmingly lesbian audience that already watch the TV show.

There is also sex. Yes, I said it. I love a good steamy love scene. I’m an adult and I am entitled to it dammit! Who doesn’t want to visualize Jane and Maura in the bedroom, on the kitchen table…? Ahem, you get my point. The same goes for Regina and Emma and so many others. Do I read just for that sometimes? Yes I do. There is no shame in it, but what I like the most are some laughs, some character development, and some feels all thrown in. To me, that is perfection.

I’m just one person and entitled to my opinion. What do you think?

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