Flame On

Having been in the fanfic (let me know if you’re tired of me talking about this subject) game for over fifteen years first as Minerva, KD Williamson and now Rizzleslvr72, I’ve had my fair share and then some of feedback both good and bad. Then, there is some that has been in a class by itself, the flames.

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I would like to think that some readers forget that there are people behind these stories who have worked hard and taken a chance to put their material out there. I would like to think some flames come from jealousy, loneliness and cruelty. I would like to think that it is their way of being helpful and bluntly honest. I think it is all of this, plus the anonymity that the Internet provides.

I wish I knew then what I know now.

My first offerings, fifteen or so years ago, were awful…just awful. They were simply my attempts to put the characters in sexy situations. *Blushes* Yeah, I know, but thankfully I graduated a bit and got better by adding some plot and some solid story telling. I was young and proud of myself. My ego was being stroked regularly even by those giving critical responses. I absorbed them and tried to do better. I had my own yahoo group with thousands of members. I thought I was the shit!

Well, my skin was paper thin, and all it took was a little dissent to scare me away from fanfic for a long, long time. I left a few stories unfinished which I still get email about to this day. It hurt, terribly. Kinda like someone was digging a sharp knife between my toes.


That ego, which may have gotten rather large, was a very fragile thing. Hindsight being what it is, I think I needed that. It was humbling. During my several year hiatus, I read a lot and kept writing. I got comfortable with myself as a lesbian, an individual, a writer and a storyteller.

Confidence is the word I think. Not cockiness. Just good old belief in self.

Don’t misunderstand me. I still love feedback. It makes me smile when someone ‘gets it’. Now, I have a tendency to laugh at the strange reviews or even the flames. Do they piss me off? Sometimes yeah, depending on my mood. Do I let them in to rip a hole in my stomach? Nope.

My skin is thicker.

It’s thick enough to give you guys an example of some of the most awesome flames ever. I got them a couple months back. Enjoy, and if you want to add evidence of your own experience. Feel free!

These are from The Beautiful Lie.


corndogboy on The Beautiful Lie

you should tag this as angst. its kind of a crybaby hurtfest. its not poorly written or anything and i know there is a hot market for this stuff, but some ppl like to know ahead of time whether or not they are getting fluff in the feels or acidic bile shit in the eyes when it comes to the main characters. yes i feel like the amount of negative thoughts vs. positive ones in this story is exactly like a patient with crone’s disease who drinks a gallon of milk and diarrhea poos acidic watery fecal matter in the eyes of me, the reader.
again i don’t think the style is bad, only the misrepresentation of “femslash” being the only tag, when a tag of hurt/angst/acidpoointheeyes would have seemed to fit perfectly.

corndogboy on The Beautiful Lie

more boohoo, more crycry. and full grown adults almost 40 years old running to the bathroom to vomit because using their job as a distraction to confronting a jilted friend/potential lover is not very realistic. it sounds like something a 12-16 year old virgin would do…seriously when you’ve killed people and had multiple lovers and lived to tell about it, this shit isn’t the kind of stuff what would just incapacitate you instantly. misleading tags are misleading. i bet you got most of your hits/kudos etc in the first chapters when ppl focused more on your very decent writing style and less on the fact that the story is a soap opera weepfest.

corndogboy on The Beautiful Lie

more useless hate and anger. i feel like a direct comparison can be made to this and that new pre-school teen titans show. teen titans was pretty mature for a group of barely teens fighting evil with powers and death and shit everywhere…it was pretty epic. that new pre-school teen titans show was just creepy in comparison. i feel like this is pre-teen rizzoli and isles instead of regular rizzoli and isles. its like instead of being adults about an incident, its all about the horror that results from realizing your genitals and mind might not be stimulated as much as they otherwise could be. a disgusting and base reaction that seems below a pair of women that are over 35 going towards 40 at this point. if ur gonna write for an adult plz think like one.
again the style is pretty good though. i just wish you would have put more case stuff and more regular social interactions rather then making them seem like super grudge holding asshole preteens.

Told you they were awesome.

In short, don’t let things like this keep you from what you enjoy. If writing is your thing, let it be your THING.

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One thought on “Flame On

  1. “Corndogboy”. The imagery that moniker evokes is…very amusing. I agree with your sentiments and would like to add this:
    Rejection is fuel but you’re the one who decides where it’s going to take you.


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