The Dangers of Not Loving Your Own Work

Yassss! Love this blog entry. It something all creative people suffer from I think. Unless like she said, you have an abundance of arrogance.

Women and Words

I just received the proof for a short story that will be appearing in an anthology, and as I read it, I thought what I do every single time I read a proof: “God, this is awful. I can’t believe they accepted this.”

Most writers I know have a realistic view of their own work. They write a first draft and are aware that it might possibly be crap, but that within that crap lays the foundation of a good story. They work on it and come to recognize at some point if it’s good or not. Some writers have an over-inflated view of their talents, while some very skilled writers are never, ever happy with their work. Leonid_Pasternak_-_The_Passion_of_creation

I believe a writer should always strive for more and should always work to improve because there’s always room for improvement. But I also think that we should see it when we’ve…

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