Things not spoken sometimes shouldn’t be written either…


Let’s just marinate on this for a moment.

You done?


As I have said before, I applaud anyone who puts themselves out there concerning their writing because it takes strength to deal with the kind of vulnerability that comes from it. I know the whole 50 Shades of Grey thing is old by now…maybe, but I’ve never read the books. I tried but the first page was the product of demon spawn. I just could not do it.

I had no idea the lines above were actually in it. Just those few words remind me of some of the American Idol contestants. You know, the ones where somebody should have told them, “I’m sorry sugar, but you can’t sing.” I feel like someone should have been honest with her too.

Help me to understand though. How can a person read that line and take it seriously? How can a person read it and not laugh, cringe or even facepalm? I’m all for the creative use of words but damn!

I am not by any means trying to insult the American people least of all women, but am I missing something? I know Hollywood thinks we are all dumb so they dish out all kinds of crap. Did the same people who made this woman a millionaire read monster porn…you know, “Bigfoot Made Me Cum” or something like that?

Part of me says go girl do you! The other part says what the actual frack!? Am I jealous of her success? I have to think on that one. On the one hand, she is famous and rich and on the other, she is seen as a joke as well.

I know I don’t want the later.

As I start the editing process and re read as well as re work my story, I know it won’t make me famous. I know it won’t put me on the mainstream best sellers list. Hell, I’ll be happy if it sells a thousand copies and someone tells me ‘Your characters jumped off the page and talked to me.’

So, maybe that is what keeps E.L. James going too. If that is so, more power to her. She’s made a lot of people happy. I’m just not one of them. Thank goodness we live in a society where I’m free to say that.

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