A drop the mic moment…

The idiot is baaaaaaaaack. Yeah, I’m talking about Bobby Jindal. The man may be running for president, but he doesn’t seem to understand how unpopular he is. Nor does he seem to get how crazy he is. I guess it’s true what they say we can’t see the weeds in our own garden and all that.

Let’s get down to brass taxes. Shall we? Drum roll please!

Give it up for the Senator who’s balls are apparently bigger than Jindal’s.

As I look on the political landscape for the next presidency, I am so concerned. There are so many mentally unstable people throwing their hat in ring who would take us back to the dark ages. You know? Where women didn’t have rights over their own bodies? Where minorities were marginalized to the n’th degree? Not that there is a huge improvement. Hello! Baltimore and all the other cities that perpetrate against individuals because of skin color…but I digress that is a story for another entry. Last but certainly not least the LGBTQ community…there has been a gradual shift in the hearts and minds of many. The American people are more on board with the whole marriage thing (shouldn’t be an issue in the first place ..separation of church and state folks) and you know those pesky civil rights than ever before. For some reason, politicians refuse to listen to their constituents. I know! Shocking right?!

I am a firm believer that people against this think the harder they fight to keep the gay community down…it will just *poof* disappear. You know? Because it worked so well with African Americans, Native Americans and so on? *sarcasm*  Not. The struggle is real folks for all minorities including the LGBTQ community. History repeats itself. When there is a marginalized people larger society works against them. Take a firm look back at our history. You’ll see.

Here is the whole article if you want to take a gander.


I will leave you with this. It is the best shit ever! If I see one on somebody’s lawn, I’m gonna have to go shake their hand.


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