Kelli-isms and Fan Fic Recs!


Weird huh?

12742381_1401771903261072_5612487807588775857_nWell, when I see something that reminds me of the Blurred Lines characters I can’t help but share. I’m sure there is somebody out there who loves these two just as much as I do. This morning I spotted something that was so Kelli-like I smiled.

See?! Raise your hand if you agree.


P.S. Blurred Lines is sitting pretty at #2 in lesbian romance on Amazon. Thanks to all you guys for that! You fucking rock!


Alrighty then! Moving on. As a fanfic writer myself I think its good to give a shout out to those brave souls who put themselves out there. Fans can be brutal both in fan fic and professionally. I bow to all you ladies who dare put your words online for all to peruse.

These are some of the best stories that I’ve discovered in these fandoms. I’m only posting a few because I don’t get to read a lot, but trust me, you won’t be sorry.

Devil Wears Prada (Holy Shite! I just discovered this…I should be shot for being so behind)

Not Everyone by Spacedmuch


Supergirl (Yes! It’s a thing.)

Contemptress by EndlessWonder

String Theory by Fictorium (lol  you will understand the laughter when you read story and author’s notes)

Anything…I do mean anything by this author, Kara-lesbihonest

Agent Carter

The Stardust Series by Chilly_flame

The Mothering Thing of Us by Quickyoke and ratherembarassing

Let me know what you think! Happy Saturday.

PPS: I will try to return to Thirsty Thursday by next week.








2 thoughts on “Kelli-isms and Fan Fic Recs!

  1. Hi, there, I just wanted to raise my hand ’cause I fully agree (though I am only 9% through the book) and laughed out loud seeing that sweet little girl and the fitting comment 😀 😉 Enjoying myself greatly so far and had wanted to find out more about the author along the way. Greetings from across the pond (Hamburg, Germany, that is to be exact), Katharina


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