Between The Lines and a whole bunch of other shit…


Here we are. It’s been years…just kidding, but hell it seems like it. I just wanted to drop some knowledge. I’m about a third of the way, maybe a little more than that, with Between The Lines. It’s gonna be a long one ladies, and just to let you know, not as slow a burn as Blurred Lines was.

Now that I’ve got you thinking. Yes, these are all new characters.

Don’t panic!! Give these two a chance. You might like them, and for those who are faint at heart and like their romance PC there aren’t as many fucks in this one.

Buuuuut…yeah you’re gonna have to wait and see.

Meanwhile…at the Hall of Justice...

I’m sorry I just always wanted to say that lol. I actually said it out loud as I typed it, but I digress. I’ve made some discoveries while I’ve been writing, gaming and other stuff.

First, did you know they had orange soda for adults?! Why didn’t anyone tell me? Makes me feel like a kid again! Thanks to Henry’s Hard Soda.

Second, New Belgium brewery never ceases to amaze me. I have said all along that fruit in beer is just not right but they know how to do it! Watermelon and lime. Yep! That’s what I said. It’s called Heavy Watermelon and smack my ass and call me Judy that shit is good.

Any other beers I should try on my writing journey? Leave a comment anytime and let me know.

Till then ta!

PS: The second book in Cops and Docs Series, Crossing Lines, is very available on Ylva or on Amazon




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