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I’m sitting here about to write notes on the next chapter in my new book Between the Lines and I thought it was time to tell readers a little bit about it. As most of you know, this book features new characters: Haley Jordan and Tonya Preston. Would you like to know something about them?

Haley is a rookie cop on the New Orleans Police Department. Yes, it all takes place in NOLA. I won’t be writing about the beauty of the Garden District and the rich history. What I describe will be a different take on things. It won’t all be pretty. Haley is very southern. She’s a Mississippi native. She’s a gamer, a bit of a geek, and works out. She’s young and loyal. She has a close circle of friends. She’s funny. Haley has never been in the closet and her life has been relatively easy. In other words, she isn’t an angsty person.

Tonya Preston is bi racial and a little bit older than Haley and is a native New Orleanian. She’s a psychiatrist who works with adults.She’s been affected by family history and is big on responsibility despite it. She’s not a very open person but she’s self aware of her issues and wants to fix them especially when she realizes that her life isn’t what or where she wants it to be. She’s intelligent and can be outspoken and funny. She does have a best friend who pushes her and tells it like it is. All in all, she’s tired of living for everyone else and wants something for herself.

First and foremost this is a romance. Haley does her thing as a cop and there are times when Tonya does her thing as a psychiatrist. I explore their professions, and the book will have a crime element that is unfurled slowly and affects both characters.

I think that’s plenty for now. 🙂

I’ll roll out the cover when it’s finalized. Advanced Review Copies will be a thing. Other than that, can’t wait until December 7th.


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