Naming the next Cops and Docs


I have a good solid idea for the fourth Cops and Docs book, but I need a title. Anybody willing to help me out? I’ll pick the top three and those people will receive free ebooks of the first 3 novels (BTL not out yet but on or after March 15th it’s on). Sound good?

The title has to contain the word LINES and I will pick a winner by March 15th. That’s plenty of time so put your thinking caps on!

You can leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter, on this blog or in my email at KD Williamson


17 thoughts on “Naming the next Cops and Docs

  1. Time Line
    The Line of Time
    Lines to Your Time
    Lines to our Time
    Our Time, Lined
    Picking Lines
    Eternity Line Dance
    Lining Up Singly
    Lines Aloft
    The Love Liner
    Lovin and Line

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