Fan Fiction

Fan_Fiction_Ndiibanner4_430x204    I actually write it. I know. Some think it is cliche. Some complain about lesbians seeing lesbians…well everywhere, but hey it got me in this writing racket. I like it. I will continue to write it good, bad or cheesy. Some may even say it’s lazy by taking characters already created and tweaking them, but there is a freedom to it. How many shows have we, as viewers, watched and wanted to see some form of lesbian representation that went beyond queer baiting? You know what I’m talking about. Female characters that stand too close; too involved in each others lives; and look at each other a little too long. I think we can name a few TV shows that love to tease and take it back when we get a bit too voracious. I think fan fiction is a way of saying we’re here. We’re queer and we want to read about it if you’re not gonna let us watch it. It’s here to stay too since like twerk it has a definition in most dictionaries and good old Wikipedia.

I’ve read some amazing works throughout the years. I’ve also read some that need a lot of work, but I applaud, seriously, anyone that puts themselves out there. I know first hand that feedback can be critically sound, strange, and sometimes nasty. So cheers to all the fan fic writers out there and thank you for letting us peek into a world we desperately want to see.

Now, shhhh...

Now hush. Instead of working, I’m going to read.


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