And so it begins… (Part One)

The editing…not the end of the world or anything. Well, I suppose that is a matter of perception concerning a writer and his/her craft. I don’t like the world I created tampered with. That makes it no longer my world right?


It’s your world cleaned and better defined. It’s your world sharpened in ways you didn’t think it could be. It’s your world with a few snips and additions. All that being said, I like my editor. She’s funny, knowledgeable and isn’t new to the game.

That being said…I kinda hate her too.

Okay, that seemed harsh but I think you know what I mean. Some of the best conversations and characterizations IMO she wants me to change, but I understand it because she explained it to me. I want Blurred Lines to be all it can be and more if possible. So, I am willing to snip, tuck and cry with a smile on my face all through the whole process.

Will there be arguments? Of that I have no doubt. I’ve argued passionately with my beta MSonya about my stories. I think I even hung up on her once or twice, but somehow we are still very good friends. I valued her opinion and her vision of what some of my fanfic stories could be. Even though, she more than riled my up at times.

I like honesty.

So, if I’m told that a moist slithering tongue sounds like someone being licked by a lizard or a dog or that it’s creepy to have arms around a character without talking about who those arms belong to. Or that my participles are dangling and I have a million run on sentences…like this one lol.

I will listen.

I will roll my eyes.

I will curse you under my breath, but I will listen.

I will change things accordingly because I want it to be the best it can be.

Keep in mind, this is just starting, and as I chronicle my experience I will get more irate.

It should be entertaining.

4 thoughts on “And so it begins… (Part One)

  1. Personal and artistic growth!! I know a little bit about those and….it’s so freaking painful and so worth it! Envious of you, my friend, because this is for prosperity and enlightenment…great things if you can’t have perky tits anymore!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know about yours but mine are still perky! But, I digress. I agree totally. Gotta bleed to get to the other side.


  2. I won’t lie, a moist, slithering tongue isn’t one I’d want on me. But I’m really not a fan of the word “moist” anywhere near my books – unless it’s describing cake.

    Looking forward to reading your new book! 😉


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