Beer, Bacon, and Books

Sooo, I’ve decided to become post on my blog every Sunday.


Which means I need to think of something pithy and entertaining to write every week. I’m gonna count of some of you guys to peek from behind those crickets and give me some topics. Or, I could just pull stuff out of my ass like I’m doing with this one *grins*.



I’m not a Bud Light girl. Never have been. I lean toward darker beers, IPA’s, Wheats, and certain ales and lagers. Founders has them all.


Sweetwater has a great pale ale and IPA.


Blue Moon is so much better in a glass and they have some great ones as well such as Farmhouse Red and Rounder.


Why am I telling you all of this? Because it’s part of my personal experience. A good beer has led to lasting friendships, unforgettable memories, and some of the best laughs. Beer was there when I came out to my friends in college and when I was contemplating doing the same to my mom. Beer has been there during every story idea in fan fic and in the professional realm. It’s been there with each woman I’ve met and during every relationship. I’m not a lush by any means. I drink no more than two a day…three if I’m feeling squirrely. If you’ve visited New Orleans you’ll get this terminology. Beer is my cold drank.



Is just damn tasty. It’s bad for you but things that taste good often are. I don’t care what anybody says quinoa is nasty. I like to experience my food not wonder why…WHY it has that weird texture!!! As I wrote Blurred Lines and Crossing Lines, beer and bacon were staples for me. Not at the same time…mostly. Writer’s block didn’t stand a chance! Yeah, I know I’m weird.

Don’t look at me like that.


Oh, do I need to put a pic of bacon up?  I didn’t think so.



I think throughout life we all suffer from mental illness a time or two…maybe four. Some of us get past it and sometimes the disorder lingers. I’ve had my bouts with depression, and the only thing that kept me afloat was a good book or good fanfic. I escaped from the crappiness I thought my life was. Hell, sometimes the words on the page helped me to see that my shit really wasn’t all that shitty. Then, I started taking writing seriously. I was so enamored by other’s words and the worlds they created how could I not put my own personal spin on things as well? I’ve never been consistent… meaning I don’t write every day or anything like that. I more of a binge writer. I get so caught up. I laugh, I cry and I treat the characters I create like treasured friends.

I’ve been in the same relationship for over ten years. The woman I’m with knows I don’t need much. These three things keep me in touch with that whimsical side of me, and as a result,  kid in KD is very much alive.

Here’s another shameless plug…for Blurred Lines. I’ll try to keep those plugs at a minimum but no promises. It will be available for purchase on February 3rd.


        Blurred Lines


4 thoughts on “Beer, Bacon, and Books

  1. I lean towards cider rather than beer but do love a bacon sandwich with brown sauce (English thing…) and cannot live without books. Looking forward to getting hold of Blurred Lines.


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