Thirsty Thursday

Welcome to my very first Thirsty Thursday! Yes, it’s going to be a thing. I, KD, am going to make weekly beer recommendations and reviews. I am not the Beer Advocate just a connoisseur with something to say. You don’t have to agree…hell if you don’t feel free to offer your own individual take on things. Tell your friends…shit like that. But, when it comes down to it, this is strictly based on opinion.

Let’s get started shall we?

Good! We shall.

New Belgium:

I’m gonna start with Fat Tire.


It’s a very nice amber ale. Unique flavor with a good balance of sweet/bitter. Very easy drinking and goes well with meats. So if you’re a steak lover but don’t care too much for wine, this will work for you.


Up next is Rampant Imperial IPA.


Just like most IPA’s it has a tad more alcohol. Very nice aroma…lemony. Taste isn’t too bitter, hint of sweet and wait for it…very hoppy. Yeah, you knew that was coming. As for food, this goes with just about everything.


Last but certainly not least is 1554.



It’s a black lager. Ooooh yeah, this is the stuff right here. It’s not a heavy beer. Starts off bitter but ends smooth and roasty with sweetness from chocolate, toffee, and of course hints of coffee. I’ve tried this with cheese…meh but it’s great with pork and chicken.


I have not tried all the beers by this company but when I lived in Asheville NC it was the big seller there. There is one I want to try though its called Cirtadelic. If anyone has tried it…do tell.

Also, if you’d like to share your experience with these beers feel free to do so in the comment section. Happy Thursday all!


Did you think you were gonna get away without me plugging my book? C’mon you have to know better by now. Blurred Lines…February 3rd go get it.






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