Confessions of a Geek

The three B’s (Bacon, Beer and Books) we’ve discussed it. I’ve neglected to bring up the big G.

Yep, I’m a GEEK.

I am 43 years old.

I have a full time job helping kids with mental health issues.

I can be serious and responsible like most adults.

I’m kinda butch. Can’t fix a car…can’t even change a tire. I have no clue about the specifics of football. I know the Saints suck…lol just had to put that out there.


But, I squee like a tiny little princess when I see any promo for Agent Carter. Who is back on TV as of Tuesday!!


I get a flutter when I know my DVR is recording Supergirl and not just because I’ve discovered fanfic in the free few minutes I have during the day. LOL


I could talk for hours about the beautiful darkness that is Jessica Jones.


Hell, I own every single season of Legend of Korra.

To top it all off, I know these ladies through comics (excluding Korra). I’m not new to the scene. I am praying PRAYING that Wonder Women isn’t ruined and will be allowed to be the bad ass I know she is.



This vexes me. I am seriously vexed.


I am all about Marvel, DC and the movies and subsequent TV shows like the one’s mentioned above including Agents of SHIELD, Flash, Arrow. Can’t forget the new one coming out Legends of Tomorrow! Because yeah…Hawkgirl and White Canary.

This isn’t because these folks kick major booty. That’s only part of it. I’m a sucker for good vs. evil and shades of grey. I can get lost and even make discoveries in my geekdom just like I do with a book.

Don’t get me started on Star Trek or Star Wars.



Okay, let me take a moment to catch my breath. I got a lil bit excited. Can you tell?


Let’s carry on.

Then, there is gaming.

I own an Xbox One and a Playstation 4. None of that Wii mess because what the hell?! Why wave a wand around when I could just press a button. Pffft! I’m a purist.

I love to blow things up.

Not in real life. C’mon. I’d be in prison.

I love being the hero. Every time I turn on one of my systems. I am Lara Croft. I am the warrior in Dragon Age. I am COMMANDER SHEPARD. I am a Ghost or part of Black Ops.



I am also wandering the Wasteland that Boston has become in Fallout 4.



This may be strange to a lot of you. Some of you may shake your head and mutter, “She’s a grown ass woman. Put away the childish things.’

Nay I say.

I can not.

I like a little whimsy. I like to flex and build the muscles of my imagination, making it strong and formidable. It is quite all right to be a person of many hats.

I am a writer and that makes me a dreamer.

There isn’t a damn thing wrong with dreaming.

By the time I’m done, I want my imagination to have washboard abs and biceps the size of my head.

I have a big head.


PS: Blurred Lines is available on February 3rd.


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