Thirsty Thursday

I don’t like fruit in beer. You remember Zima?

Yeah, that’s what all that lemon, raspberry, and strawberry nonsense tastes like to me.

Now, hard root beer? That’s another story all together.

I loved, LOVED root beer and coke floats as a kid. There is nothing like having one with a little kick just for adults. C’mon…try it.

There are a plenty of hard root beers out there. I’m only gonna discuss four of them.


noturfatherNot Your Father’s Root Beer is sweet and smooth with excellent root beer flavor and not that much of an aftertaste.  It is ideal for a float of either vanilla or chocolate…hell I like them both.




Best Damn Root Beer: This is meh IMO too tangy and too much of an aftertaste. It’s not horrible. I just expect root beer even if it’s hard to taste like root beer, which can be a very sweet beverage.



Coney Island Root Beer: This one is damn near perfect. It’s sweet and it reminds me so much of hot days sitting on my grandmother’s porch and getting the foam from the float all over my face. The Coney Island name is very apropos for a place known for its funnel cakes, hot dogs and other treats.


bbrb  Bayou Bootlegger Hard Root Beer: This one isn’t as sweet and satisfying as the Coney Island brand but it’s almost there. I’d say its in between Not Your Father’s and Coney for tastiness.

There are a lot more brands out there. Anybody got an opinion on which one is boss?  I really wish they would do this to Dr. Pepper but we all know that’s best with Irish whiskey.


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