Blurred Lines by K.D. Williamson

I am floored by this review! Completely…utterly

The Romantic Reader Blog

Reading romance novels is one of my two hobbies. If and when I do have down time, I choose to do the two things that make me deliriously happy. I read or I run. Running tends to take precedence since I continuously talk myself into running marathons, some might say this is masochistic, but hey we all have our flaws. Why I am I telling you this? Let me ramble for a moment and I’ll get to my point.

Yesterday, the weather was 65 degrees and sunny in FEBRUARY. This is the absolute perfect running temperature for a winter hating individual like me. Did I go run my eight miles as scheduled? Nooooooo! I skipped it. I skipped my run on a beautiful spring-like winter day. Why you ask? Because of this darn book,Blurred Lines by K.D. Williamson, it was so amazing, so fabulous, it literally consumed me. You couldn’t…

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