Finn and Royalties…

This is Finn….




Say hi Finn!


Finn is six months old and adorable but he is also a nut job. He woke us up this morning by aggravating Winston (the pug) and biting Michelle’s (my partner) feet. As a result, I had to go sleep in the other bedroom with him once he calmed down of course. While I was cursing his name at first, I am now singing his praises. Because I was awake for a little while, I checked my email to see a shit load of royalties that will be rolling in whenever my paperwork snails its way through.

So, thank you Finn and thank you to everyone who bought Blurred Lines and Crossing Lines and who will hopefully buy Between the Lines. Thank you for your emails, your reviews, and your bitching because I appreciate it all.

Say bye bye to Finn for today…





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