Between the Lines: Take the good the bad and the in between

I have some news. Some of you will not like it. I, myself, had to let it marinate. Between the Lines will not be released on December 7th as planned. It has been pushed back to March.

I know….


But, it is a good thing. This is about quality. Could I have finished it in the next couple of months? Probably. However, Ylva is about quality and I will be too. This book is a completely original work with no fanfic origins. It took me a while to get started but now I’m in it deep. I think I’ve created a cast of main and side characters most readers can really relate to. They are down to earth, funny, and deal with real problems. I’ve also been able  to build a villain (if you can call her/him that) so that the motivations are understood and as a reader, you may feel for him/her to a degree. I think every character in this book will have an impact with readers in one way or another.

I’m gonna bust my ass to give you the best of my abilities. I will continue to post updates to keep all ya’ll informed!


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