Two things…

Blurred Lines is an honorable mention for the 2016 Rainbow Awards.

Between the Lines will officially be finished and going through late stage edits by this Sunday. I’m excited but I’m also in a strange mood about it. Either way that means I’ll be getting ready for my tattoo next week! Suggestions anybody?

10 thoughts on “Two things…

  1. I’m anxiously waiting for your new book.. I;m a big fans of your writing.. you write beautifully..Counting the hours,,,,,


  2. I enjoyed your lead characters and look forward to more books in the series. (I also like the way you have done the titles.)
    Congratulations on Blurred Lines’s honorable mention for the 2016 Rainbow Awards.


    1. Thank u much. I’m glad u were able to enjoy the books! I may be running a contest for the forth book title in the future.


  3. What tattoo did you end up getting? :O Also, can I expect to read Between the Lines soon? Your writing is beautiful and superb. I’m a big fan. Thank you so much.


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