Want strong LGBTQ+ representation? Supergirl isn’t the ship you’re looking for

I ended up in an intense discussion on Facebook about this article. Some of the response on the blog itself is spot on in my opinion. I have to wonder if the writer saw season 1 at all or even did research to support her view point. A lot of it sounds like pure bitterness concerning Clexa and I am appalled that the coming out process seems to be belittled. I’m convinced that Alex’s story is similar to quite a few and until its safe for everyone to just be those experiences should never be panned. IMO AD’s coming out and experience was one of the best on TV considering what is and what has been out there.

The Queerness

Stephanie Farnsworth examines why the popular new ship ‘Sanvers’ is a deeply toxic relationship.

Supergirl is the show that queer girls are flocking to post-Clexa. For those who were lucky enough to have somehow lived in a void in 2016, The CW’s popular show The 100 featured the “bury your gays” trope – and to a disastrous reaction. Clexa has been one of the most popular and lauded ships in history and so killing off the lesbian part of that duo wasn’t the best move. Yet, ironically, The CW has sought to cash in on that, but Supergirl shows that the network hasn’t really learned anything at all; and the worst part is that fans are falling for it.

The CW has been quick to smirk at its own shows, with Supergirl depicting lesbian Maggie being potentially fatally injured but her new love interest saving her life (something Clarke failed…

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