Between the Lines…Pre-Order

Good morning!!!

between-the-lines-800-cover-reveal-and-promotionalShit is all sunshine and rainbows in my opinion, especially since I have the honor of telling you that Cops and Docs #3, Between the Lines is now available for pre-order on the Ylva Website. Guess what else? You can also read an excerpt from the book. The first couple chapters are available for perusal.

Allow me to drop one more bit of knowledge too. ARC (Advance Review Copies) will be available soon. Yeah, that’s a lot of availability…

Have a good one!


4 thoughts on “Between the Lines…Pre-Order

  1. Christmas came early!! Your first two Cops and Docs books were the first two lesfic books I ever read, and I was instantly hooked! So excited to get back to where it all started #swoon

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