(Insert)<—-Shameless Blurred Lines Plug

Ya’ll who know me personally and hell those who know of me only by social media are aware that I don’t really mince words, beat around the bush or whatever you want to call it.

So, I just wanted to put a lil bug in your ear. Thanks to Ylva, Blurred Lines is now available on audio book as of today. From what I’ve heard, Sarah Grant does a bang up job dropping those f-bombs that everyone loved so much. *cough* along with the snark. She also knows how to do snooty which is right up Nora’s highway. What better way to get ready for Erasing the Lines, the Kelli/Nora short story, that’s coming out in a few months? By the way, look out for the cover reveal in the next week! It’s unforgettable just like Kelli and Nora themselves.

Here ya go Blurred Lines Audiobook

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