Podcasts, lesbians and Sheena Oh my!

So I guess everyone knows by now that when I blog these days it’s usually about something that moves me or puts me in outrage. However, it could be beer as well. One of my most recent blogs, Guilty, garnered some interesting attention. It led to an interview with Sheena Lemos Ebersohn who’s known for her brainchild The Lesbian Review, The Lesbian Talk Show and many other things I could probably go on forever naming. It was a good time where we talked about my blog and everything else under the sun. It’s funny, goofy, entertaining, and educational even though I was admitting to my own failings. Give it a listen and thanks to Sheena for having me.

The Lesbian Review Podcast


2 thoughts on “Podcasts, lesbians and Sheena Oh my!

  1. Just in the last 2-weeks, I’ve discovered, well tried my first audiobook on MP3/CD format, I’m hooked and it’s awesome listening in the car while I’m driving or traveling; don’t even mind the traffic while listening! I’ve been trying to find your Cops & Docs series on the MP3/CD platform but it seems no one has them. Can you tell me if your books are on the MP3/CD platform anywhere? I’d love to delve into your books but can’t find the format that I need for now; otherwise I will have to wait until late this year when I finish my degree to start your book series. Can’t read the good books when I need to be studying the school books…lol

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    1. Aww man I hate to be to inform u that Blurred Lines, the first book, is the only one available in audiobook presently and it’s not in CD form. It’s available on Audible but as a download. I hope this helps! If not I definitely hope ok I’m worth waiting for! 🙂


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