Big Girls Don’t Cry They Grow Up…

By now a majority of readers know that I am now publishing with Dirt Road Books, hence the logo above. Just in case you didn’t now you do.

Most of y’all also know I have a new romance unrelated to Cops and Docs coming out December 3rd. If you didn’t know now you’re aware of that as well. It’s called Big Girl Pill, but just FYI I’m dropping new information as well. Live on the Dirt Road Books website, I have my own author’s page with a picture of my interestingly butch self. On the DRB site, you can also find a formal synopsis of the book. BGP

I’m still not done. Not too long ago (ten minutes), for shits and giggles, I googled BGP and what did I find? A review from Publisher’s Weekly! Not just any review, a good review. I have to say I’m butch squeeing big time. So much good news in such a short period of time. The surgery resulted in completely benign findings and I got my first glowing review. I think I’m going to go have a beer to celebrate, an IPA. Even more so now, I look forward to every one meeting these characters.



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