Plagiarism and Pink

Even though I haven’t written fanfiction in a millennia, I enjoy getting DM’s and emails from readers who have just discovered my work. For those who don’t know, I used to write Xena Fanfic and then I moved on to Rizzles. I am forever thankful for the later because it paved the way to me getting published with Ylva.

Where is all this leading you ask?

Well, I woke up the other morning to a DM on Twitter and it wasn’t the good kind. A very nice and passionate person by the name of Linda Readerman informed me that my work was being plagiarized in particular, Blurred Lines and Crossing Lines and advertised on one of the Rizzles Facebook groups. Linda was gracious enough to give me the *writer’s* name and the name of the group. She even did me a solid and let the admins in the group know what was going down. Thankfully, by the time I’d gotten a membership to the group the post had been taken down.


This JenniferJareaus had all her *work* posted on Wattpad. So, after I made my presence known in the FB group and thanked the admins I moseyed on over to Wattpad and found my first two books word for word with only the names changed. Now, a part of me appreciates the irony. Blurred Lines was born because of Rizzles Fanfic, but the original fanfic and the published work were two completely different works and stories by the time I’d finished with about 4-5 rewrites. Of course, I filed a complaint. Of course, I messaged this JenniferJareaus as well. I doublt I’ll ever hear from good ole JJ but the readers who know me and my work who stood up for me, you have my respect and my thanks.

While I walk the long road back to my muse, my older works remain very important to me especially Kelli and Nora. Those two hold a special place in my heart, but I firmly believe that my best work was in the novella, Pink. Maybe because some of it was loosely based on my story and my heartbreak, but it sure as hell was  cathartic writing it.

With that being said, all of my novels are now available in audiobook format. That includes, Pink, which is narrated to perfection by Mari. She makes the funny parts funnier and the hot parts hotter and I’m not saying that because I’m biased. So, while we’re all waiting for my writing chops to return, I’m gonna go listen to Pink again.

Hell, I may give all of them another spin.


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