Mine Test 20

Winner of 2010 Goldie for Speculative Fiction (No longer available)






Check out the individual book pages for more information on the Cops and Docs Series and other works.

7 thoughts on “Books

  1. Hello Ms. Williamson I’ve enjoyed reading both of your new books immensely. How can I get a copy of your novel Forever Mine?

    Thank you.


    1. Good morning! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books so far. Unfortunately, Forever Mine is no longer in print. I don’t think it’s available.


  2. OK, so I’ve just burned through all 3 of your latest books in a 3 day holiday, my wife was thrilled with my attention span to her!
    Feels like both stories could follow on with more, are there any plans to? Your books are the first with proper character development that I’ve read in a long while.

    Kind regards

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    1. Wow u were busy! The answer is yes. I am currently working on another book but its not part of Cops and Docs its a very diff novella that really isn’t a love story per se. I do however have a Cops and Doc book coming out next year that will be a standalone.


  3. You’re writing is impeccable. Great characters, amazing plots and beautiful twists!!! Thanks for Kelli, Nora and every other character.

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