Dear Authors: Don’t Respond to Goodreads Reviews

Dear Authors: Don’t Respond to Goodreads Reviews.

Sooo, I found this article last week. First, it is hilarious. Second, it offers some good advice. As writers, we all know there is always someone who hates your shit for some reason or another. I’ve fallen into the reply to the flame trap with my fanfic, and before I got thick skin, when I got bad reviews my ego felt as if it was riddled with bullets from a machine gun.

13126_10152842631956325_5227932184952139085_n  This looked like it fit here lol.

For someone to pan your book, well, that’s a whole other ball game. Because we put our blood, sweat and the kitchen sink into them, a bad review feels like a personal attack. It is indeed hard to ignore, but when I get them after my book is published next year, I’m gonna do as the writer of the author suggest which is listed in 4, 5 and 9.


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