Of Trolls and Reviews

Addendum to my previous post. This illuminates things perfectly! Trolls, flames or whatever you want to call them…

K'Anne Meinel

Definition of Troll

In this modern day of people hiding behind a keyboard it is easy to state an opinion on social media or a blog (as I am doing here) or anywhere on line where others will eventually see it.  A lot of people don’t realize the long term consequences of blurting out their thoughts and just let it hang all out there.  Recently I released a new book BLOWN AWAY.  My first review was barely a one star.Capture  I’m not arrogant enough to think that ALL my reviews SHOULD be FIVE stars but this one was a little harsh.  I took it in stride as the next two WERE five stars and I especially LIKED that one of the posters took abridge to the one star reviewer (thank you by the way).

Everyone is ALLOWED their OWN opinion, but not everyone SHOULD express it.  Especially if it is intentional to harm the…

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