The Creative Process

Everyone who creates art whether its writing, painting, singing, gaming, sports and so on has their own personal idiosyncrasies. Years ago, when I first started writing fan fic the Xenaverse was huge! Bards talked to each other constantly. There was one in particular I used to chat with that wrote naked with her cat sitting by the keyboard.

That was her process.

When I was writing on White Nights (Uber Xena), still unfinished by the way, I was working overnight. So, when I got home in the morning, I’d drink a pot of coffee and listen to Sarah McLachlan. Remember her? What lesbian doesn’t? And write like I was all that…a bag of chips and a damned pickle.

Now? As I work on the second book in Cops and Docs series, (Blurred Lines is in the final editing stages) I mainly sit in my boxers; eat smoked almonds; drink some good beer; listen to my playlist and pet my cat when he gets frisky.

No…a real cat…with fur.

Shit. His name is Legolas, and that doesn’t make things any better if you have a dirty mind. It could be the name for my “little friend”.

Looks at you.

Am I totally off topic?

Not really? Good.

This is Legolas.



Told you!

And this is good beer.


Anyway, I was wondering what your creative process is? Do you have to have cheese and wine (Like an oven warmed brie with honey, brown sugar and nuts)? One sock on? A Quentin Tarantino movie blaring in the background? Go on!



One thought on “The Creative Process

  1. I like this post! But I’m ordinary…no real oddities or rituals…except I like writing in dim light, preferably in the middle of the night…sometimes music and sometimes not..,sometimes alcohol and sometimes not…and I have to get up like how I constantly change the radio station when I’m driving in the car or listening to music (skip through songs)…and I like a window to stare out of for when the words grind to a halt…yeah, okay, that’s it…pretty much…yup…okay…? Now I’m worried I forgot something lmao


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