Anatomy of a Sex Scene

Notice I said sex not love. We all know there is a difference. So yeah, I’m gonna tackle it. First, before someone gets their panties in a twist, I did not say I was an expert. I’m a widely unknown fanfic writer who just happens to be publishing a series of books.

So there.

Untwist them. I’ll wait.

We good?

Nods. All right then.

This is strictly an opinion piece. I’m not writing a Bible for other writers to go by because remember? There is not expert sitting right here. Just me, in my boxers and T-shirt with a huge cup of Sumatran dark roast.

I used to be an avid reader. Notice I said used to be because editing, writing and my full time job take up most of my time. When I did read, I was very, very picky. Does a story have to have hawt sex? Uh…no. Not at all, but I am an adult so I like a good mystery…with sex. I like a good comedy…with sex. I like an excellent thriller…yep you guessed it!

Not just the generic kind either.

I like getting that fluttery feeling in my stomach not just with my partner but when I read as well. I like having to wipe my brow and look around to make sure no one is watching me turn red or start to breath heavy. I like it all A LOT.

The key for me as a reader and a writer is build up. You know what I mean. I’m talking about the long looks, the tension, the sexy banter, the kisses that almost happen, and the raw power of the kisses that actually do occur. Not to mention the restrained touches and those times that flare just about out of control that leave a reader breathless with their pulse racing. I love that shit!

Fans self. Wooo!

Graphic description is another aspect. Action verbs! Not passive! I swear if I hear that one more time… But I digress. Flashbacks lol. However, the words throbbing, pulsing, wet and so on can only be used so many times before I roll my eyes. Even with my own writing lol. Now, what do I mean by graphic? I don’t mean porno like where you swear you can hear cheesy music in the background. Also, I’m dating myself, but back in the day on TV and movies there was kissing then moving sheets and the cameras pulled away to leave the proceedings to the imagination. Definitely don’t want to read something like that. I like a good middle road when I write as well. I want to hear it, feel it and see it. Hell, I want it to be like I’m right there in the room.

Hmm. Too much?

I’m not creepy. Really. Ask around.

There is also dirty talk. Now, hold on! I can take it or leave it. But if it fits the characters, dirty talk really enhances things and take the whole scene to the next level of realism. I’ll take dirty talk any day over polite silence and being politically correct.

Okay, phew. That’s my two cents. I’m wired now. Way too much coffee. Feel free to add your own spar change into the mix good or bad. I would love to hear what does it for you as a reader and as a writer.


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