Another review for Blurred Lines

This is a different kind of review sort of an alternate take on things. While it isn’t bad, it’s worth starting a dialogue about the issue. I, of course, have a different view on things since I know the fanfic story IMO was closer to the characters in the show then the actual rewrite…overhaul really, turned book. If I were to compare the two side by side, I’d see something totally different especially since I never read the books. Again, that is just my opinion and we are all entitled to them. I appreciate reviews of this nature because it certainly makes me think. What’s you guys’ take on it?

Blurred Lines Review

4 thoughts on “Another review for Blurred Lines

  1. Maura Isles is eccentric, weird. Great encompassing culture. Talks with corpses.
    Nora Withmore is antisocial and hurt. That’s what I saw: a hurt woman, a bit like a scared child before human relationships. Isles… just a bit strange.
    Kelli McCabe is more similar to Jane Rizzoli. However Rizzoli seems a bit a boarder girl, compared to Kelli, expecially in their language. Rizzoli is somehow noble even outside. Kelli is noble inside, while outside is a total braggart.
    I totally forgot R&I while reading. My Nora wasn’t Sasha Alexander and my Kelli was a bit like a nordic readhead warrior. A Sif in Thor’s pantheon. Something like that. I play with my fantasy. 🙂


    1. Very nice….love the imagery! You’re describing the characters from the books? Thank u for ur POV on this by the way because I’m aware alot of this is a matter of perception and opinion. It’s a great debate.


  2. mmmmmmm…. I just finished Blurred Lines. I found this post as I was scouring Google to find when book #2 Crossing Lines was being released.

    I am writing to let you know that I am a huge Rizzoli and Isles fan BUT at no point when I read your book did I ever compare the show to your book. You did a great job of creating characters that, while inspired by the TV show, stand on their own just fine. I do not care where you got your inspiration only that you keep writing about this great love story. This series is being added to my “when is the next volume coming out” list which currently contains Ali Vail with her Devil series and Susan X Meagher’s San Francisco series. Write faster please.


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