Autographed Blurred Lines Book Giveaway

Started a Blurred Lines Book Giveaway last night. It ends at 11:30pm central tonight. I will pick the winner at random for an autographed copy of Blurred Lines in paperback. All you have to do in order to enter is name as many fanfic writers turned professional authors as you can as well as some of their fanfic. Do this on my Facebook, Twitter or right here on my blog.


One thought on “Autographed Blurred Lines Book Giveaway

  1. RJ Nolan – LA Metro series.
    Lynn Ames – Valentine
    Melissa Good – Dar & Kerry series.
    Gerri Hill
    Kim Baldwin – Fire & Ice (Force or Nature).
    Blayn(e) Cooper – Madam President & First Lady.
    Ali Vali – Game, Set, Match (Love Match).
    Vada Foster
    Kim Pritekel – Twilight

    Sorry….only just started reading fan fic.


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