Doing Better…


I don’t need to give the high and low lights of what’s been going on the past couple days do I? Although, let’s be frank. Let’s be Frank, Leroy, and Stephanie. All that ugliness has been going on for oh say hundreds of years? To some, even at times me, that thick, wide wall made of stereotypes, misunderstandings, ignorance and blatant racism falls down on our heads. I say blatant because it can be subtle too.

For all those who are having problems grasping that racism is alive and well in 2017, IT HAS NEVER DIED. Neither has sexism, ageism, homophobia, etc. Over the past couple days some of it was just put on front street…BOOM. Decent folk are crying foul. Decent folk are in tears. Decent folk are angry. They have raised their voices which can only be a good thing.

Here’s the rub. Am I some activist out there fighting the good fight? No, I’m not. I sit at my desk. I write. I toil. I get pissed off and I let everyone know how I feel. However, I know I need to do better.

White people sustain that outrage and do better. Tweeting about it for a couple days; Facebook, Instagram and blogging is as good a start as any. But, what about tomorrow? Let’s all watch as this Charlottsville crap fizzles out until the next in your face outpouring of hate.

The thing is being white a majority of the time gives you power. It’s there because of how our society was created and how it is sustained. White people use that privilege. Use that power for the good. I know some of you out there already do.

Speak up.

Don’t turn a blind eye.

Defend your fellow human being.

Not just in words but in actions as well.

I guess you could say we are at the dawn of a new civil rights era that includes black people, brown people, yellow and red people, women, the poor, LGBTQI individuals and even those of different religions. But shit, haven’t we been there for a long time now?

See how I included as many marginalized groups as I could think of?

The key word is included.

Biphobia is bullshit.

Transphobia is bullshit.

Bigotry within your own race and/or culture is bullshit.

All those phobia’s and ism’s serve a purpose however, it keeps us divided. It keeps us fighting amongst our own culture and race. While we’re busy doing that guess what? We get even more isolated. We get even more downtrodden. We get even more marginalized.


In this whole us versus them scenario guess who gets the victory?


So, if you, I mean everyone reading this, can get past whatever token efforts you may be making.

I can too.

Then, maybe in time, we can scratch the surface.


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