Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Since I was rudely awakened this morning by one cat sitting on my chest and the other screaming for food a lot earlier than he usually does, I figured it was time for an update before I started writing today.

IMG_0372By the way, this is Rey (the tiny one) the cat who plopped himself on my chest. I think you all remember Finn from previous pics. Yes, Finn and Rey. I am geek hear me roar.






Pink my latest work (a novella) will be available on October 18th  on the Ylva website and then all over two weeks later. Again, it isn’t a romance but I think it has aspects for everyone to enjoy. I also believe it will leave an impression. Pink_800 Cover Reveal and Promo (1)

On October 1st, right here on my blog, I’ll be posting a free short story to introduce the main characters in Pink. On that same day, I’ll also be releasing my Spotify playlist for Pink for those who are interested.

Drawing the Line, which will be a full length novel, is coming along rather nicely. I think it will be even more down to earth and human than Between the Lines. How can it not be? It’s about former lovers reconnecting. It’s shaping up to be an emotional journey as expected but a bit different from my other work. Even though it won’t be out until next year, I see the cover in my head just as clear as day.


3 thoughts on “Everything and the Kitchen Sink

  1. Hi K.D.! Love the pic of your precious darlings…they’re sooo sweet! 😘 Looking forward to Pink in October…love the cover; And Drawing the Line next year, so much to look forward to!!

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  2. Aw, they’re so cute. My cat Atticus is usually my alarm early in the morning.

    I would love to host you on I Heart Lesfic to help promote Pink. Give me a shout if you would like to arrange something, guest post, interview, and/or giveaway.

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