Broken Hearts are Pink by KD Williams (plus a FREE book!)

Wrote a blog on Women and Words about Pink and broken hearts…

Women and Words

Hey all! The amazing and awesome KD Williamson is stepping up to the virtual mic here at Women and Words today. She has a new release, Pink, and she’s here to tell us all about it. Also, she’s got a fabulous contest going on where you can win your very own copy. You can enter your very own self if you click on this magic link.

Click here to enter the drawing

Pink_800 Cover Reveal and Promo (1)

My first broken heart pre-dates my wife and any woman, actually. I was in high school and there was this very pretty boy I had a huge crush on. I was the geeky kid who always raised her hand to answer questions, and I learned soon enough that my best friend was more his type.

I thought I was devastated, but I got over it.

My second broken heart kicked me in the ass. I got to watch the woman I still…

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