Pink and Keeping it Real

Pink, my fourth work with Ylva, is officially released today, and it is unlike anything I’ve ever written. Shawnna’s journey is as real and as raw as it gets. As a reader, you’ll empathize with her, you’ll laugh with her, you’ll be angry with her, you’ll root for her, and you’ll even dislike her. In the end, some of you will get her and be willing to understand her journey. However, some of you, colored by your own experience, likes, dislikes and notions about sex, break ups and what a person with a broken heart should do, may not understand it at all. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

When it all comes down to it, some of us have been Shawn and some of us have been her best friend, Veda. Shawn is the friend you know is hurting, but she doesn’t take the advice you’ve given. She’s that friend you shake your head at because you know she’s going down the wrong path. Veda is the friend who takes no shit and tells you like it is whether it’s liked or not. She’s loyal, caring, humorous, and will rip the rug from under you if she has to.

These are everyday people.

Pink isn’t a book about sexual conquest. It’s about how even the most level headed individual can lose themselves and become someone completely different before emerging as the person she needs to be. It’s a story about second chances, growth and healing. It’s personal as well because aspects of it have been my reality. There is strength in finding self, and the harder a person falls the more powerful she is when getting back up. If as a reader, you laugh, cry, rage, dislike, and come out the other side, right along with Shawn and Veda, I’ve done my job as the writer.

If you feel anything at all, my job is still…well, you know.

Pink is now available at Ylva,  preorder on Amazon, and If you like the feel of PAPER in your hands…

2 thoughts on “Pink and Keeping it Real

  1. Got my copy of Pink yesterday…I’m going to stretch out and read it this weekend. Not going to be interrupted with this one! Looking forward to leaving a review on Goodreads. 🤓

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