Now for something different… (I dare you)

Pink is not a romance.

It is not.

It is not a romance.

However, Pink is now live and available everywhere as of today.

In general, yes I do write romance, but I didn’t this time. I enjoyed this experience whole heartedly, and I do plan to do it again. I like breaking the monotony. I don’t wanna be a cookie cutter author. As a reader, I don’t want you to always know what to expect because I don’t always like to play it safe. At times, I want you to laugh. I want you to dislike the characters. I want you to be frustrated. I want you to complain about how what I write isn’t sanitized or pretty.

I’m so okay with that. The themes and topics I write about may have been re-visited many times, but I put my own fingerprints on them just as others do. I also try to make my stories as true to life as possible. This novella is more of a drama, comedy, light erotica combination with some angst peppered throughout. It’s a story about Shawnna Green’s journey from heartbreak to healing.

No one dies. C’mon y’all should know me better than that.

No one walks away broken. No, this is not a trick.

I’ve read most of the reviews and so far its been well received. Some readers get it and some don’t. Some readers feel the need to point out that its a finding oneself story and in the same breathe say its a story about nothing. Some say its too harsh or crass. Some people said that the friendship between Veda and Shawn was the core of the whole thing. Some stated the sex was hot and others irritating.

I say that Pink is all of those things and unapologetically so much more. It will make you laugh. It will piss you off. It will make you uncomfortable, but some of you will empathize.

Pink is not a romance.

It’s something different. Try it. I dare you.

You might actually like it.

Pink on Amazon

Pink on Ylva



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