Disappearing Acts

Warning!!! I’m about to say something that will piss some people off but I’m good with that.

America was the dream of rich white men at the expense of the blood of its native people. When America was “discovered” those responsible marginalized those who were already present.

Merriam Webster has defined that marginalization means “to relegate to an unimportant or powerless position within a society or group.”

Let’s sit on that for a moment because that concept is nowhere near new.

Now, let’s point out who the marginalized people are in present society. We have women, black/brown people, the LGBTQIA community, the elderly and the poor. The list could go on.

Let’s sit on all that as well.

All these groups have been rendered powerless or damn near it. The kicker is that those who do the marginalizing have socialized others to do it as well. Let me give you an example. Women marginalize other women. Instead of banding together and becoming a stronger force on a consistent basis, women ridicule, debase and pull each other down due to race, class and education.

Black people marginalize each other as well on the basis of light versus dark skin tone; ghetto versus educated; and rich versus poor. Instead of coming together, we have a tendency to kill each other in addition to the police and display the crab mentality of pulling those trying to get on top back down to the bottom of the barrel.

The LGBTQIA is the community I’m really highlighting today because it contains all those marginalized groups I mentioned earlier. It truly is a melting pot or rather just a pot with a shit ton of people in it from all walks of life. However, we don’t gel. What do we do? Spend a lot of damn time trying to squash other people. In Derald Wing Sue’s research in Overcoming Our Racism, he summarized that the power to impose reality on marginalized groups represents the ultimate form of oppression.

That’s what I said.

Despite being the members of double and triple minorities, the LGBTQIA community a marginalized group itself engages in the constant oppression of its own members. These days everyone seems to think that the other group is trying to erase them. Apparently, it’s a race to see who can scream ugliness louder and write shitty things on picket signs the fastest. We saw this at London Pride recently and here are some pics to prove it.


This happened at Pride ya’ll. Who founded the Pride movement? I’ll answer that for you. Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera were two trans women who put their backs into Stonewall and now years later some lesbians are working hard to exclude the T because they fear the disappearance of the L.

Some might say but that was London we don’t do that kind of thing here.


I see it all over social media. On Facebook, in some of the groups I was apart of. You know who you are. You get together and bully bisexual authors, bisexual reviewers or anyone who has the nerve to write bisexual characters in lesfic. I’m sure people like that extend their courtesy to trans women as well. On Twitter, I see Tweets about being forced to have sex with trans women.


Wait. What?

WTAF? Someone held you down? A trans woman actively sought you out to make a notch on her bedpost? What?  What about consent? I always say hail to the V, but that’s some ultra powerful vagina if it’s able to suck you in and make a whole section of the community disappear.





Here’s the thing. Those rich men in power have taught us well.


I’d say mission accomplished.




Instead of standing together to see the bigger picture, a lot of the marginalized people are busy picking each other apart obviously the LGBTQIA community is included. There is so much fear of erasing each other no one is looking at the real culprits. In today’s political climate that is beyond dangerous.

Things are going from bad to worse. Let’s be real and not lie to each other about it. In the meantime, while some of us race to yell the loudest or make the best picket sign to try to cut each other off at the knees first, those rich men who make up the patriarchy are going to snap their fingers and poof.

The greatest fucking magic trick ever.

We all disappear.



6 thoughts on “Disappearing Acts

  1. I couldn’t agree more with this. Communities fighting each other just occupies all of us, LGBTQ, disabled, people of colour, women, etc, when we should be standing side by side to deal with the insidious slip towards fascism that is on the rise across the world, but especially in the States. Those women at London Pride were just baffling. That particular brand of white lesbian have no idea of the struggle trans people have to deal with, and yet these TERFS are trying to push trans people out of our community with arguments about ‘simple biology’ and all that rubbish that is still used against the gay community as a whole, even today. Well said, on all of this. I hope that someday soon all those marginalised groups will get a grip and realise that we only have each other, and stop arguing about who gets to be the most oppressed or whatever.

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  2. that is one very hard-hitting post, KD, and it needs to be said. Thank you for saying it. If we don’t stop picking away at each other, patriarchy will win.It’s time for us to stop. Now.

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