What?! She’s still here?

Yup, I am. I’ve been here I swear. Don’t give me that look. Cas

Some of you guys know me I can’t keep my mouth shut for shit. I’ve just been running it more over on Women and Words. I’m their fifth wheel!

It must seem strange for me to be excited about something like that, but I’m a little off center anyways. They announced the need and I threw my hand in the air like the nerd I am. I was all “Ohhh, ohh Mr. Car-ter!”

Is that too old a reference for y’all? God, I hope not.

I’ve enjoyed it immensely so far. I had no idea I had so much to say about so many things. Feel free to go play catch up if you want, KD at Women and Words. I talk about everything from fanfic, beer, women, demon children, lesbian fiction to racial issues and writer’s block.

I’ve been doing other things too like editing the fourth book in the Cops and Docs Series, Drawing the Line. It’s official release date is November 21st. Don’t ya’ll think it’s about time for a informal blurb? Those of you who subscribe to my newsletter got a peek at it already, but I decided to share it with everybody.

Dr. Dani Russell is a pediatric resident who’s working toward being a pediatric oncologist. She’s great with kids and their families but with everyone else except her best friend Rick she’s standoffish. Her focus is her career and there’s no room for anything else especially since her previous relationship crashed and burned in a huge way.

Then, there is Detective Rebecca Wells who has recently become a part of the Juvenile Missing Person Unit with the Atlanta Police Department. She’s a woman in flux and unsatisfied with her life, and she’s on a mission to rectify all that. She’s accepted the directionless asshole that she was and is in the process of becoming a better person for it. Rebecca and Dani have a history filled with disappointment, broken promises and pain.

There you have it. I’m taking a stab at a second chance romance. It’s emotionally intense, funny and of course all about the characters. The cover reveal for Drawing the Line is actually on September 13th just FYI.

I had planned to take a hiatus after I finished Drawing the Line because I had no ideas brewing but one came along so I’m currently working on another full length novel that has nothing to do with police or doctors.


I know! But, calm down it’s a romance. I don’t know if the next book  after that will be one though. It’s marinating.

Alrighty then! I’m opening  things up for questions. If anyone wants to ask me about past works or Drawing the Line and the Nora/Kelli short story Erasing the Lines feel free to do so. thinker


KD’s work is available on Amazon or at Ylva. This includes her lesfic drama, Pink.


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