Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid

And some more!

Women and Words

Who doesn’t like a good scary movie? Well,  a lot of people don’t I’m sure, but I’m not one of them. I’ve watched them since I was a kid, but they have never really scared me. Nothing kept me up at night or gave me bad dreams, even the gory stuff I probably shouldn’t have been watching.

I don’t frighten easily. *Cough* except for spiders and weird bugs. My wife could tell you stories, but she won’t or rather she’d better not! We all have to have someone we can be vulnerable around. Am I right?

Anyway, the one and only time I ever got scared was the summer I was getting ready to go to college, which was about twenty-six years ago. For some reason, I had bad insomnia. Couldn’t sleep for shit! It lasted for a while too. I was maybe down for a couple hours then I’d…

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