The Samuel L. Jackson of It All (And an eBook Giveaway)

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Women and Words

What? You were expecting something political? Something that deals with race? Biphobia? Transphobia? The problems in the lesfic universe?

Well, not today. You have me until Wednesday so anything is possible. I’m telling you right now to be prepared, but I digress. Getting back to the subject at hand…well sort of.  I’ve recently found out that the remaining books in the Cops and Docs Series will indeed be available on Audible within the year.

Takes a second to do a butch twirl. Look away. LOOK AWAY!

I’m back now. With that being said, I’ve been told throughout my professional writing career that I use too much coarse language. Too many fucks, shits, goddamns and probably bitches. In Blurred Lines, Kelli McCabe and her friends drop F bombs about 122 times in 100,000 words. In Crossing Lines, LOL, there are about two or three more fucks and various forms of creative…

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