This is where I’m…

Drawing the Line.

You’re welcome for that oh so cheesy and fabulous introduction! Today is November 7th which means my fifth book is available to scream at, laugh with, etc. etc. It’s the fourth book in the Cops and Docs Series with all new characters. As readers know by now Cops and Docs is strictly a series based on subject matter.

Drawing-the-Line-1877x3000-Amazon-300dpi (1)This book, Drawing the Line, is actually my favorite book that I’ve written besides Pink. Like always, it has a little bit of everything angst, laughs, heat…


Here’s the synopsis:

Pediatric resident Dr. Dani Russell is focused on her career and there’s no room for anything else since her last relationship crashed and burned. She’s seen as standoffish and cold to everyone except her patients and her best friend Rick. That’s just fine with her.

Detective Rebecca Wells, newly appointed to Atlanta’s Juvenile Missing Person Unit, is a woman in a state of flux and on a mission to fix her unsatisfying personal life. That means reaching out to her ex, Dani, to make amends. But after sizing up the once warm, friendly woman she loved, Rebecca can’t believe how unrecognizable she now is or how hurt she is. Is it too late for them? Has too much time passed to make things right?An enemies-to-lovers, second-chance lesbian romance that’s powerful, sizzling, thought-provoking, and everything in between.

Ylva Shop is the place to get it or it can be pre-order on Amazon where it will be available there and everywhere else on November 21st.

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