It’s a Romance…

Cross my heart!

I know a lot of readers were shocked when I wrote Pink. They made the natural assumption that it was a romance. Then, to some of yall’s horror it was not. To this day, even though it’s been about a year, I still wanna get T-shirts printed with…


So I dabbled in general lesfic or I guess it could have been called drama. I will most certainly dabble again. I enjoyed all that in and out.

With all that said, my new book, Drawing the Line, is out. It’s the fourth and possibly the last one in the Cops and Doc’s series unless I get some fresh ideas somewhere down the line.




Undoubtedly, it is a romance. Love-hands

An intense one. A raw one. A down to earth one. It’s full of characters from everyday life with everyday problems. Cops and doctors always seem larger than life but I bet you ten bucks they struggle with the same things all of us do.

We laugh. We love. We fuck up.

They do too.

So c’mon. I’m back with the HEA for the time being.




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