Pondering and Learning Curves

Interesting things are afoot. I fucking tell you. Drawing the Line has been out for a month. It made it to number #1 in Canada, Australia, as well as the UK I believe.

The interesting part?

It’s shaping up to be my most divisive book yet. You might ask…how do you know that KD? And since you asked I’ll give an answer.


I don’t usually go there because it’s Goodreads where a writer’s soul gets ripped out and passed around with glee. Yes, THAT Goodreads. However, I must say that I’m enjoying the reviews. The head scratching. How some don’t understand or misunderstand. I enjoy that there have been discussions on the characters and the emotion love/hate they’ve instilled. I’ve enjoyed that some have pointed out that I don’t write to formula.

I have enjoyed that some readers dove in and weren’t afraid of the messiness and the realness. I’ve enjoyed that some readers got Dani and Rebecca’s story and were touched by it in some way.

I’ve enjoyed it all and I say thank you. No, I don’t mean that sarcastically. I’m being genuine.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’d like to drop some knowledge about Learning Curve: An Anthology of Lessons Learned. It’s a collection of short stories written by some very talented authors and me. Also,  from what I understand the subject matter is wide in range. So, there’s something for every one.

The pay off? You’ll have your imagination stretched. Have you tittle lated. You’ll smile. You’ll laugh and probably run through the gamut of emotion. Bigger pay off? It’s for charity. All the proceeds go to One Girl who are working tirelessly to educate girls in Africa…around the world really.

Sounds like a worthy fucking cause to me.

Oh shite! I almost forgot. For those who find my writing divisive or not so much Ylva and I are in the middle of cooking up a lil surprise really soon in less than ten days. Now there’s some tittle lation for you. Stay tuned!


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