I know some of you have been waiting on that Nora/Kelli short story. Well, I’m here to tell you the wait is kinda over. My birthday is tomorrow but me and Ylva decided to give loyal readers a treat.

For free.

Yes, that’s what I said. Free. Erasing the Lines will be available for free on December 19th via the Ylva Newsletter. Might wanna subscribe to get all the info on how to download. Don’t miss this. Erasing the Lines, is funny, sexy and slightly uncomfortable in a way that only Kelli and Nora can make it.

Here’s the visual: Erasinglines


Here is the synopsis:

No-nonsense homicide detective Kelli McCabe and respected doctor Nora Whitmore’s life together is far from settled or boring. Even though work has separated them by more than a thousand miles, the heat they share hasn’t been dampened one bit. They’ve just found a way to work around the distance. A sexy and amusing short story in KD Williamson’s best-selling Cops and Docs series.

And remember if you like realism in your romance check out Drawing the Line available now on Amazon, Ylva, etc.

The cake is on me.


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