KD’s Year in Review

Some thoughts to start out the new year…

Women and Words

This blog will be a pleasant experience. No discussion of politics, racism, transphobia and biphobia. You know those real things that make people uncomfortable and spew hatred anonymously from behind their keyboards?

Yeah, none of that. Maybe next time. Ya’ll should know by now that I don’t mind making people uncomfortable.

Anyway. This will be a fluff blog. Mark your calendar because that will probably never happen again while I’m writing. *cackles*

My year in review will include things that made me laugh, made me think, etc. I would like to start with the photo that launched a million groans of understanding and sparked jealousy as well. Hell, it mighta even launched some real people fic. I don’t know. I’m sure somebody does. But this is Cate Blanchett and KStew, we ALL understand.

In April of this year I celebrated my wedding anniversary. I make a decent wife when I’m…

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