A Little Medicine

For those who don’t know my 6th book, Big Girl Pill, is currently going through the editing process and will be published in November. I’ve introduced Nina Sterling as sort of the girl next door and I don’t mean Christie Brinkley (God, I’m old). She’s young. She’s real. She’s not 36-24-36. 47F40CA600000578-0-image-a-1_1515530780981

She’s flawed and she’s living her life according to what everyone else wants. I’d like to drop a couple more tidbits about her. She’s a teacher and she’s engaged to be married.


Maya Davis is blunt, funny, loyal, and Nina’s semi-estranged best friend from college. For reasons that are her own, she’s agreed to be part of the wedding.

IMG_0719 (1)

Inspiration for Maya

Maya has avoided her family her months, leaving them with token phone calls and other niceties. She has done the same to Nina over the past two years.

One night changed a hell of a lot between them.

One night was all it took to send Nina running one way and Maya the other.

How’s that for a taste? It may seem familiar, but it’s a familiarity that’s done my way. No, it’s not angst, at least not in the way you’re probably thinking. It’s big on humor and heart. As time passes, I’ll drop more information. Just know I’m extremely proud of this novel and this cast of characters. Out of the books I’ve written, they have become my favorites second to Kelli and Nora.


KD is the author of the Cops and Doc’s Series and the novella Pink. Her current work Drawing the Line (Cops and Docs 4) is available. Cops and Docs books 1-3 are also readily available in audiobook at Audible.

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