Acts of Kindness

These days it’s hard or so it seems to be especially with all we see on the news and read about on the Internet. Let’s go through the cavalcade of evilness. First, we have racism. It’s prevalent and always has been despite what people say, but these days people are taking bold action to announce themselves as such. We have the Trump supporters who have no empathy for the thousands of kids and other individuals locked up in concentration camps…you know those dirty Mexicans that have come to take things over?


So, the next best thing is to persecute a whole race of people. Sound familiar? The circumstances may be different but it always sweeps over some group of people who are considered ‘other.’ You know…the brown people of various shades. I don’t have to do a history lesson do I?

Then we have this woman, Jean Cramer who spoke her truth to light in front of all to see while running for city council in Marysville, Michigan. She wants her city to stay white. People were shocked.

I’m not. That mentality is par for the course. In fact, since brown people can’t go anywhere legally. Yes, I’m referring to the Parking Lot Patty’s, Neighborhood Nelly’s and the Concerned Karen’s out there. I’m not so patiently waiting to get my turn to be vilified for being in a nice neighborhood.

Second, we have people within the LGBTQIA community belittling other queer individuals. Telling them they don’t belong; telling them how to define themselves; telling them they shouldn’t have rights because of who they love, who they fuck and who they aspire to be. liljohnSounds familiar doesn’t it? All the bigots straight and gay say Yeahhhh!




They don’t need that much to rip a person to shreds. I mean how dare you sleep with, marry or be in a relationship with the opposite sex! How dare you transition into a man or a woman and live like you were meant to.


Third, and the last evil I will touch on is misogyny. It’s not just for men anymore. Although it still pours out of some of them even our *cough* leaders in Congress, Supreme Court and even state government. There’s a whole lot of men trying to tell women what to do with their own bodies. There’s a whole lot of men trying to tell women what to think. There’s a whole lot of men trying to tell women they are less than. Guess what folks? There are a whole lot of women who do the same to other women too. Misogyny goes that deep.

With all the bullshit it’s no wonder things like people reaching out to help others goes viral. Such as a boy reaching out to help a child with autism in Kansas. Or parents and students alike banding together to put out a positive message of racial inclusion in the face of hate at a Sacramento high school. The list goes on and on. Let’s not forget our shelter cities who refuse to give in to this hateful regime that rips families apart and the people in the singular neighborhoods that have stuck their necks out to try to save members of their communities from ICE.

Yes, the acts seem so few and far between but they are there. These articles prove there are good people out there.

I’m gonna end this with a few questions maybe some of you readers can answer. Has racism made America better? And has it gotten rid of all those pesky brown people?

Have bigoted lesbians and gays gotten a bigger piece of the rights pie? Are you taken seriously now? Is the spotlight back on you? Are you no longer discriminated against now that you actively discriminate others?

To you misogynists, have women learned their place? Have they stopped fighting to get to the table just because you scream a little louder sometimes?





One thought on “Acts of Kindness

  1. Not sure how many read the whole email, but there were a lot of good points. I believe all the answers were a “no” on my part, but I’m sure certain people out there feel differently. I would like to believe that after everything my hometown has gone through this summer, people would be more understanding and less judge mental, but it doesn’t seem to last very long. After tornados went through the area on Memorial Day, people were helping people they NEVER would have associated with. Now, not so much. Then the shooting occurred. I am proud to say that I do believe we are one of those shelter cities you mentioned although that probably has a lot to do with our Mayor. Okay I’m done rambling on now.

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