Where In the World is KD?

Most of you know that a lot has happened this year for me and my family. I lost my mother in April to COVID-19. I made the decision to have a bi-lateral mastectomy to lessen my chances for breast cancer.

I want to take the time to thank everyone in the community for their outpouring of condolences, affection and donations. With your help I was able to raise enough money for surgery through the auction and GoFundMe. I have a surgeon lined up and am planning to say bye to the Beatrice and Trudy at that time. (That’s what I call them now).

I’ve also started a YouTube Channel thanks to encouragement from friends on social media. It’s like a lesbian/queer Hot Ones called Grrl on Fire. Lesfic authors participate via Zoom in tasting hot sauce, talking about their book and being interviewed by me. It’s a damn good time. I’m enjoying it immensely. New episodes are put up every Sunday. Here’s this past weeks episode…. 

My hopes are to give fellow authors their turn to shine, be goofy and show readers we’re all human just like everyone else.

I’ve also decided to permanently alter my Monthly Newsletter to include other authors. I truly believe we’re all stars and everyone should have their chance to shine. If you haven’t become a member please do so, you even get a choice of one of my books for free for joining. HERE.

Also, I’ve started writing again. For those who don’t know, my next book will be a follow up to Big Girl Pill featuring the character Rachel. It’s called A New Kind of Drug. It’s time to get to know the Rachel we all fell in love with don’t you think? I’m a firm believer that Rachel’s perfect match is someone who’s able to go toe to toe with her on all levels. H (Helen) Morgan is that someone. She/he is genderfluid, witty, intelligent, funny, a basketball fan and is able to affect Rachel in ways she doesn’t fully understand yet. I’d say this book may skirt the line of erotica, but we’ll see. My hopes are to be done with this book by the end of NANOWRIMO. Then, it’s off to Dirt Road Books in hopes that it will be published.

Hopefully, I can get this blog up and running again since I always seem to have so much to say. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me.

This is KD, signing off.


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