Podcasts, Boobs And Books (And a Giveaway)

Not necessarily in that order.

It’s been a while. Okay, longer than a while but I have been busy. For a few months, I was working on the follow up to Big Girl Pill, entitled, A New Kind of Drug. It’s Rachel’s story. I got 20000 words in before writer’s block had the audacity to start choking me.


I should say that quietly because she’s still around. However, there is good news on the horizon. I’ve enlisted help! So, hopefully this year, fans of Rachel and the readers who just dig my writing will get a reward for their patience. I admit that it’s been hard watching my writer friends bask in the glory of their newly published works while I sit back and stare at a blinking cursor.

I’m lying. I haven’t been staring at the computer all this time. I’ve been gaming. The other thing? Just sounded better. Yes?

Gaming, working out and sticking my fingers in various ventures have kept me sane this past year. Regarding gaming, I played Horizon Zero Dawn, The Nathan Drake Collection, Assassins’ Creed Odyssey. I also got myself a Switch and joined The Animal Crossing Cult. I built my island and then I came to my senses, becoming an ex-cult member. Lately, I’ve been playing Ni No Kuni, Hades, and Assassins’ Creed Valhalla.

But the biggest news is that I’ve lost a hundred pounds or damn near close since last year. I decided to become a vegetarian/ pescatarian. I quit chicken and steak even though I’m sure it didn’t wanna quit me.

Adding to all that, I’ve continued with Grrl on Fire and I’ve just recently started a podcast with fellow lesfic author Kelly Aten. It’s called Shooting The Shit. It’s a blast. It’s queer. It’s weird. It’s nerdy AND geeky. We just released our first episode yesterday and the topics include The G!P phenomena in fanfic. The conversation does go slightly awry. You’ve been warned.

Kelly and I also compare and compete with stories about medical indignities. To round it off, we jumped into a featured segment that’s going to be on the podcast. It’s called WTF. This has to be heard and seen to be believed. Not only are we going to be on your favorite podcast platforms but as a bonus we put the video up on our YouTube channel.

Conveniently, here is our website. It contains links to everywhere you wanna go to listen or watch: Shooting The Shit

If you’re not sold yet, here’s our trailer….

To add fuel to the shit fire, we’re also doing a giveaway starting today until 3/27. The 100th follower on Twitter gets to pick two autographed paperbacks out of a pile of our books.

If you noticed, there are a couple books in that second pic that don’t belong. Our dear Kelly Aten accidentally got two copies of Supergirl, Red Daughter of Krypton. This is special and one copy goes to our follower #150 and they have a choice of 1 of our autographed novels. Mad swag and all you have to do is follow us on Twitter

Now, I’m going to round things off with boobs.

Insert dramatic pause…

I’ve got a date for my prophylactic double mastectomy. Say that three times fast. I don’t think you can. On April 30th, my chances for getting breast cancer will go from 54% to about 3-5%. I wanna send a huge shout out to the lesfic community again for helping me to raise the money.

Now, that is something to celebrate.

I hope you join us. Right now, we’re recording once a month but hopefully that will change.

Stay safe and don’t be a maskhole.

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